Nurses are needed. Spread the word please. 

Children like Victoria need nurses. Specialised, trained nurses. We love nurses. ūüėÄ

We ask for many more talented nurses to consider training in children’s palliative care, so children like Victoria can be cared for with palliative care in their own home or hospital. (With the hope of hospice respite in the future.)


Masters in children’s palliative care and complex care.

“In 2016,¬†NUI Galway recognised the need to support services to¬†ensure that nurses have the required competencies and skills to care for this population of infants,¬†children¬†and adolescents in the relevant settings. ¬†The programme¬†obtained the support of the NMPDU to facilitate¬†a more¬†prepared nursing¬†workforce though ongoing learning and development.

Modules can be offered as one continuous specialist MSc Programme OR can be undertaken as individual modules as a Masters Level Professional Credit Award.


Registration is now open until late June.

The current class of PG Students is made up of¬†Community, Palliative Care, Neonatal,¬†Disability, Hospital¬†and Hospice nurses.”

Check out the leaflet and spread the word about children’s palliative care please.¬†

Thank you. 

Contact claire.quinn@nuigalway.com for further details.

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Leaflet on scholarship here –¬†victoriathompsonscholarship_leaflet_print

Documentary that includes Victoria’s journey can be found here.¬†vimeo.com/65008197

Signage rental auction for this year makes ‚ā¨1,000.

Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa were the successful bidders for the signage this year.

Thank you to all local businesses who bid in the process. We were overwhelmed by the response. 

Next year in Jan 2018 we will take expressions of interest for the sign and bid during the first weeks in Feb for erection of sign in March at the latest. 

Thank you again to all and especially to Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa for a nice round figure to start off our fundraising year for 2017. 

Sign is updated regularly with Redcastle Hotel’s events and promotions. Thrilled to see it changing with the seasons and knowing the funds add to Victoria’s legacy. 


Presentation of the Victoria Thompson Scholarship in NUIG university.

The Victoria Thompson Memorial Fund was kindly joined by Tommy Tiernan for the presentation of the Victoria Thompson Scholarship in NUIG university this morning 14th March 2017.

Congratulations to Aishling Devitt and Anne Browne who were selected to recieve the scholarship from the first ever children’s palliative care and complex care course in the country.

Our aim is to highlight the need for more paediatric palliative care nurses and services nationally.

We are deeply honoured that Tommy Tiernan attended and launched our initative.

Thank you to all in NUIG especially the nurses who are teaching and studying to provide care for our most vulnerable children. A huge amount of appreciation to Claire Quinn course director for all of her support and encouragement.

It was a special occasion. #Victoriamagic lives on. More interesting news to follow.

Huge thanks to Angus McMahon photographer.

To donate to the Victoria Thompson Scholarship


Details of course listen here to course director Claire Quinn on connemara radio from 15:10


It can be found at 15.10 to 29.31.



Details on the course for interested nurses. http://www.nuigalway.ie/courses/taught-postgraduate-courses/childrens-palliative-care-complex-care/