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Canadian woman legs spread

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A recent campaign to stop the phenomenon known as "manspreading" on New York's transportation system has men's rights organizations in a tizzy, especially in Canada, where one "advocacy group" is demanding men be allowed to spread their legs as far and wide as they want to to avoid a pain more awful than anything women have ever known. Refusing to take into consideration that manspreading that is, the practice of taking up too much space on public transit because you are a dude with balls has anything to do with disrespect or the unequal power dynamics in our society , men's rights activists in Canada have launched a petition claiming that keeping their legs open on buses is "biological" and should be allowed to continue as long as women are allowed to "breastfeed and bring strollers onto buses. I don't have time to call an expert and ask exactly how much space is needed between one's legs in order to prevent the balls from experiencing an asthma attack or excrucipain TM , but as the proud owner of a set myself, I can tell you that I've never had to take up anyone else's space on the bus just to keep my testicles happy. Men's rights activists can claim it's biology all they want, but unless one is suffering from some kind of condition, most men can, in fact, keep their legs closed and even CROSS THEM but they shouldn't on public transit constricting the testicles and yet keeping them totally safe! That's why you don't hear about testicle injuries that much: It's not misandry, it's just that it doesn't happen.
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Canadian woman legs spread

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Surprise! Women don't spread their legs just for sex

According to these "activists," being the proud owner of a nut bag precludes you from having any respect for the humans around you. This is just one of many wacky arguments that have been used by men's rights activists to defend their right to spread their manhood across three seats. Intrigued by this faux outrage, Mic decided to put the logic of these MRAs to test and find out if men really were being unfairly targeted. Do men take up more space just because they can?
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Watch What Happens When a Woman Tries "Manspreading" on the Subway

Jump to navigation. Right from the growing up years, most women are tutored into adopting the ''right'' sitting posture, which would mean, sitting with their legs crossed or at least keeping them closer. Sitting in a certain way is what defines a woman's modesty, among other such attributes that are ingrained into her way of life by the society. However, this has made a lot of women juxtapose their practised way of sitting to that of men, thus questioning their casual way of sitting with legs spread apart. This, in turn, sparked off debates about the right to space, with most men occupying more area, especially in public transports, as compared to women.
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